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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Ben Franklin

Many repair jobs result from a faulty inexpensive part.  Others can be prevented by careful planning.  Here are some causes and a few ideas and suggestions to help you prevent damage to your home.

Prevent Water Damage from Air Conditioner

As a result of cooling the air, air conditioners create condensation or water. Often there is a pan under the air conditioner to hold the water while it evaporates.  You are better off installing a drain pipe to direct the water to either the sewer or outside. If...

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How to Prevent Water Damage from your Dish Washer

Your dishwasher can cause water damage through many situations: Switches, valves, and hoses are used to connect the system to the water.  Any of them could fail resulting in a leak. Keep a close eye for leaks, even small ones, because they often become big ones. An...

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Preventing Water Damage from Refrigerator

Your refrigerator has a few ways it typically results in water damage. The first is the clogging or freezing of the defrost drain. Make sure it is draining. Next is a bad seal, which is like leaving the refrigerator open. Make sure it closes well or get a new seal....

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Water Damaged Caused by Water Heater

The water heater is an appliance you only notice when it is not working!  A cold shower or flooding are probably the two reminders that you have a hot water heater. To prevent water damage from Water Heaters: Have it inspected annually for leaks or damage. 69 percent...

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Prevent Water Damage Caused by Toilet

The toilet, that incredibly useful item that we don't talk about. It seems you really only appreciate it when you go somewhere without it! The toilet has several ways it can cause water damage in your home: The most common is the failure of the supply line hose....

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Washing Machine Water Damage Prevention

A washing machine is one of the greatest tools in our homes.  However, if not taken care of properly this machine can cause water damage to your home. There are a few sources for this water damage.  Here they are with some idea on how to prevent them as well. Supply...

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Preventing Frozen Pipes – Winter Water Damage

The most common cause of water damage in winter in Flagstaff is frozen pipes. Here are the most common areas in your home where pipes freeze: near water heater in unheated areas near exterior walls in crawl spaces in cupboards/cabinets Here are somethings you can do...

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