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Fire Damage Can Be Devastating

For a lot of people being burned in a fire is a serious fear. What most people don’t realize is that smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death related to fires. Smoke inhalation can damage your body or cause death by lack of oxygen, chemical irritation, chemical asphyxiation, or a combination of these. You should avoid smoke from a fire. Get out of the situation as safely and quickly as possible and call 911. Discuss with your family and children what they should do if there is a fire. Remember “plans don’t fail, people fail to plan”. Even after the fire has been extinguished there are still harmful chemicals that can be in your home. Call us at Dry Guys Restoration and let us come evaluate if the area is safe.

Fire Damage Restoration & Your Personal Possessions

Your home, furniture, and personal possessions can be left in ruins after a devastating fire. If your home was not destroyed, then you may be able to salvage a lot of your personal possessions with minimal damage. The first thing you’ll want to look for his paper items such as photo books, school work, or family documents. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a good amount of documents that are still in good condition. It is a good idea to back up all of your documents and photo books to computers and digital hard drives to save your precious memories in case of a fire.

The Risk of Smoke Damage

The damage caused by smoke after fire can be moderate to severe. Where the most common items damaged by smoke is furniture and walls in your home. Depending on what type of material the furniture is made out of, it may be able to be restored to its original condition. For the most part, wooden, bamboo, and other flammable materials will be completely destroyed. If you have furniture that was damaged by smoke that is still in usable condition, contact a furniture or fire damage restoration service company. They will be able to restore your furniture to original condition.

When the walls in your home or damaged by smoke you will see yellow and black marks throughout your home, and possibly structural damage within the support. Fire damage is difficult to clean off of walls so it is recommended that the walls either be replaced or repaired in specific parts. Depending on what material your walls are made out of, this can be an expensive process. Luckily, homeowners insurance will cover the majority of the damages, leaving you with little to no out-of-pocket cost. Contact Dry Guys Restoration now for a free no obligation quote for your fire or smoke damage. We offer 24 hour emergency service, to don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time.

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