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Water Cleanup

Water Cleanup

water cleanup processDry Guys Restorations has the expertise to prevent or clean up the possibly devastating effect of water damage to a home or business. If you are currently suffering from water damage caused by a flood or leakage, don’t hesitate to call Dry Guys Restoration for immediate assistance.

Each and every one of the technicians at Dry Guys restoration has years of hands-on experience with water cleanup and damage restorations throughout the valley. All of the technicians are also completely equipped with all of the equipment and tools necessary to handle any water damage situation.

Our specialties include complete water cleanup, drying, disinfecting, and deoterizing to completely restore any water damage.

Water Cleanup Equipment

  • Extraction units are truck mounted or portable for any sized water cleanup job.
  • Gas powered and submersible hoses and pumps for uninterrupted pumping of any amount of water.
  • Hydrometers and moisture detectors are used to measure the moisture saturation of a recent water damage site.
  • Hidden water can be found by our technicians using high tech infrared cameras, preventing further damage in the future.


Anti-Microbial Treatments, Sanitizing Agents, & Germicides

What happens if the water damage cleanup process is skipped after the water removal

  • The disinfectant products our technicians use after water removal prevent the forming and growth of mildew, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that can be harmful to human health.
  • When the odors get out of hand, we have deodorization products to control the smell and remove it permanently.