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The toilet, that incredibly useful item that we don’t talk about. It seems you really only appreciate it when you go somewhere without it!

The toilet has several ways it can cause water damage in your home:

  1. The most common is the failure of the supply line hose.  Often this hose has a white plastic cap on the end that screws to the toilet.  If this is tightened too much it could cause a crack in the cap.  Then over time the pressure will cause the cap to break and water flows onto the floor unchecked. To prevent this replace your supply line hoses every 5 years.
  2. Leaky supply line valve – The water supply has a valve.  This valve can start leaking over time. To prevent problems check your valve and make sure you can close and open the valve without any leaking.
  3. Faulty fill equipment – If the float fails or the overflow pipe is positioned or covered you would have continual wasted water flow.  If it gets too bad you could end up overflowing the tank and flooding the bath.
  4. Plugged toilet – This can happen for any number of reasons but it is important to have a plunger near by so anyone faced with the challenge and fix the problem.
  5. Vacation or extended leave – be sure and turn off the water supply valve to the toilet when you will be gone for an extended time. That prevents any leaking while you are gone.